All posts for the month June, 2006

Ok, a little exagerated, but my lungs really ache and its seems compressed from quitting. Hopefully that goes away sooner than later because its annoying. Kind of make me want to go run or something.

Side note, last night after my softball game me and most my team went to Applebees. My brother and girlfriend went to the bar to smoke. I followed just to smell it. Well, my brother blew smoke at my face, and honestly it smelled like shit. The stale, nasty cigarette smell you can smell on people and in smoker’s houses, it was that. Nasty. Then today my buddy at work is outside and I’m telling him this story about last night. Well, he is smoking, and I ask to take a hit to see if it tasted different. OMG how gross. How it smelled yesterday it tastes worse. I think I am past the point of craving getting cured by smoking. I just have to figure out how to surpress that “need” and I’ll be set.

Ok, no cigarettes since Friday. Just when I need one so bad and I’m determined to cheat, I get distracted by something. Thank God for horrible short term memories. Now that I have quit for like 5 days, I’m bored. I smoked alot when I was bored, now I have nothing to fill that slot. Hmm, I’ll figure it out.

Ok, my wife and I can’t afford cigarettes anymore, so I either a) start buying them internationally or b) try quitting again.

I’m going to go with option B. We will see how that all goes. My stomach pains are still prominent after 1 year of having them, and with 8 months of Nexium, Pepsid, and Prilosec. Time for a new GI doctor, eh?

The MS…no developments. I guess thats good news. MRI came back with less legions than the last, so less is better than more. I suffered some numbness in my right hand earlier in the year, but that has since passed.

I also finished my deck last weekend!! All thats left is a bit of sanding and some lattice or something at the base and the project from hell is complete. Now I can maybe start on my front ggrass landscaping. Sigh…

Anyway, thats it for now. I need to get back into the habbit of writing here more, I’ve been real lazy with it.