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Tuesday, Jan 20th 2009.  A well qualified black president was elected to office (yay).  This same day, my favorite radio station, 1130am WDFN completely cut all local talent and went all national (booo).  Then I’m driving down the street the other day and see “Circuit City – Going out of business liquidation” (wtf?).  Seriously?  Circuit City?  Sony, first quarterly loss in 14 years…

I guess there is a point in everyone’s life that you can see the world changing.  I just wish I knew where it was going.  Are we being sucked into that much of a digital life that a very, very good radio station just gets axed?  Are brick and mortar stores going the way of the dodo bird? 

It’s seriously like you are standing in the eye of a tornado and watching everything around you being destroyed and you are just waiting for the shift of wind.  Circuit City was my electronics store of choice.  WDFN was my radio station of choice.  I seriously am starting to feel lost.  Jamie Samuelson (formerly WDFN mornings) got a job as sports anchor on RIF.  I guess in the morning I go there by default?

Sean, Stoney and Wojo…I hope you get a job locally,  I miss you already.  Circuit City will still exist in Canada, but forget international shipping. Barack…you have some work ahead of you, my friend…good luck and God speed.