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Yesterday night Robbi and I went to go see Dane Cook. He is one of the funniest commedians I have heard in a long time and I first saw him last year on comedy central presents and I almost peed myself.

To be able to see him live yesterday was so fun and also to FINALLY get to spend a night with just me and Robbi was a gift in and of itself.

I have a very good time, and I think me and Robbi are going to try to set up little “dates” like this at least once a month to get away from Skylar and just have some together time.

I think I am finally going to go to the doctor this week though for my stomach because the aggrivation just isnt going away. I’ll keep everyone posted on that.

I also might have got fired from my weekend prep cook job today too, but I’m not sure. I’ll post the story later if anyone cares.

Well, I haven’t gone to a GI yet, but my stomach has been pretty decent the past few days. I guess nothing a few beers and a few shots of 1800 can’t fix. 🙂

Also, I came to grips yesterday with the fact that I may be developing a case of depression. Well, my wife and I had some serious talks about certain things last night (she hasn’t been too good lately either) and all in all, me and her had an AMAZING night last night just being together. So, all of a sudden, I feel the best I’ve felt in months, as does she.

I’m so fortunate to be with her, and I’ve came to my conclusion…

Robbi is my anti-drug.

If you are reading, baby, I love you 😡

Last night I took my Avonex, and the second I began injection, I felt myself getting cold…I know I was in for a long night. Within an hour, on comes the flu side effects. I was shivering like it was -20 degrees outside, I had to sleep with 2 shirts, 2 sweaters, socks, and sweats and STILL was cold. THEN I wake up this morning and my head is pounding worse then it ever has in my life. I was supposed to work this morning at the restaraunt, but had to call off. I still have the headache now, but not as bad.

I didnt take any of my prefentive pills last night either because of my stomach. Lose lose situation. At least I can watch the Lions game. OH THE LIONS GAME…SHIT GOTTA GO.

Yea, I need a vacation. I’m so worked lately that everyday, I can’t stand not being with my wife and kid. It actually is depressing me a little. It could be the Avonex doing that to me too, but I’d like to believe the latter.

I’ve been missing my wife so much, that I don’t even think about getting on my nightly videogames, I just want to hang out with her, even if it is just laying in bed and watching TV. I even sent her some pretty expensive flowers at work on Monday, even though I know I don’t have the money to do so.

Aside from a vacation, I need a change in my life as well. Whether it be a new job, another child, whatever. I think that will help my gloomyness lately also. Who knows, maybe a vacation is the end all cure all.

Time will tell.

ok, no I didnt get a GI doc yet, but wouldnt that be sweet if his name is Joe?

Anyway, called my neurologist, and said its probably not the Naprosyn irritating me because I only take it one pill a week. I’m going to go to one anyway.

My neuro is out of a different hospital than I want, so I’m going to get a referal from my surgeon.

We’ll see.

Ok, its been like 2 months and my stomache is still queasy all the time, its really getting annoying. I think I’m going to go see a Gastroenterologist to find out whats wrong, but I don’t have a family doctor so a few places I’ve called said even though I have a PPO insurance, I still need some sort of letter or something that will refer me to a GI. F*CK DOCTORS, PILLS, SHOTS, AND EVERYTHING ELSE these bastards continue to prescribe to me. I hate it.

Other than that I’m fine.

Busy Bee

I haven’t updated in a while, I’ve been really busy and alot is going on.

Somebody emailed me the other day, some “Doctor”, asking me to promote his MS book on my blog. I agreed only if he sent a copy to me and I enjoyed it. Its a book on healing MS with diet. First of all I’m not sure if it was even real, secondly, how the hell did he find MY diary? Anyway…

My highlight of the last couple weeks was working a Playstation Portable promotion. I was called to walk around the Van’s Warped Tour from 9-3 with a PSP tethered to my belt and get kids to play. Honestly, I played more than anyone, but who’s counting. AND for $20 an hour you can’t say no to that. So that was all fun.

Dirt is moved from my out-of-code porch at my house to the rear of the yard and getting ready to build the deck. I hope I have hands to help out unlike moving the dirt that took 9 hours.

My wife has gone out alot this week plus I had a 14 hour day on Wednesday, so I’m just looking forward to finally getting to spend some time with her.

I have 2 computer builds I am in the process of which makes me a few dollars (that I usually spend on a part for myself)and I have a big stock purchase that is going to make me around $1200 if it stays where its at when I sell, hopefully it goes up more than that by the time I’m ready but we’ll see.

Hopefully I won’t forget about my posts, so ttfn.