Robbi and I had a great productive talk, we both felt good about us and the situation. Then friday, the 9th, I txt to tell her how much I enjoyed the evening. After long nice txts back and forth, she kept asking why I would even want to be with her after all this. I said I loved her a lot and believe we would be able to work through it all. The I said but if she didn’t want to take care of me and my ms then that’s just coldhearted and maybe I don’t. She took it as me calling her a name and ignored me the rest of the day, then went out bowling with her ex boyfriend and all her old friends from high school. She didn’t come home until 2, which bowling centers obviously don’t stay open that long, but she went over one of the kids houses to continue the party and to smoke weed. She has a drinking problem when she goes out, she never knows when to stop. Also to drive home after all that doesn’t make me very happy.