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Ryan and I were looking at some numbers today.  It’s funny when you look at the increase of sales from one year ago…5000%.  Yea, it’s cheating because February was our first month. 

When you look at our first 12 months of sales, we have just about sold 20% in our 13th month of our total from last year.  If that keeps up, that’s a total increase of 120% in sales.  Very promising.

With all that said, it is still not enough for my liking.  We still are not making enough profits to keep us comfortable, and frankly, I want that cushion so I DON’T have to worry about paychecks and expenses. 

In time, it will catch up.  I need another salesman.

There are times, as a business owner, when you wish you would have just stayed as an employee of a company, and been a robot to that owner’s demands.  As shitty as it is, it’s stable.  You go to work, do your job (whatever it may be) and at 5 o’clock, you punch and go home.  Next day, rinse and repeat.  You collect your checks and just aimlessly move day to day.  You miss an assignment, deadline, or whatever, and it’s no sweat off your back.  What’s the worse that happens?  You get reprimanded?  Written up?  Fired even?  So what.  It’s just a job.

Now, you make one of those mistakes when you own that business.  It brings a whole new meaning to missing a deadline.  There is no reprimanding.  There is no write ups.  There is no being fired.  You take it to the next level.  You risk your clients.  You lose clients, you lose work.  You lose work, you lose money.  You lose money, you lose a lot more than your job.

Yea, I’m being over analytical, but the fact remains.  Yea, I know, in the grand scheme of things, missing my shipment tonight isn’t going to cost me my client (my biggest for that matter), but it brings one disturbing fact to fruition…

I failed. 

I don’t tolerate failure.  I failed to deliver on a job I promised would be done when I said it would be.  I have to live with this fact.  Disappointing yourself when you take so much pride in your work is the worst possible admonition I could possibly get.