I use iTunes at work to streak media from my server, primarily music.  If anyone has iTunes, you may have noticed last week that Apple software update is now trying to force you to install Safari (Apple’s proprietary browser).  I also read last week about Apple’s release of their iPhone SDK (software development kit) and Apple’s rules you can and can not make with their kit.  In other words, they are legislating the software that companies are creating for their phone.  By doing this, they are getting 3rd party software that only they approve, and use the talents of 3rd party companies and technogeeks to work for them without paying them.

Didn’t Microsoft do this years ago with Windows and preinstalling software on it and get SUED for antitrust violations?  What gives Apple the nerve to try to do the same?

Now that Netscape is extinct because of Microsoft, Apple is pushing down the same lines Microsoft did years ago.  Will this affect Mozilla Firefox (my browser of choice)?  Mozilla took over 30% of market share of browsers the old fashion way…a quality, superior product and word of mouth. 

As of this summer, Bill Gates will remove himself from Microsoft to focus on his foundation.  This leaves only one devil left.  Maybe Steve Jobs should start a charity in Botswana and go live there.  Here’s to John Lilly and may his company thrive.

Happy Easter everyone.

So, Toshiba finally have decided to cut their losses and stop pushing their HD-DVD format, this coming about a week after Warner Bros. decided to switch their supported format to Blu-Ray.  The porn industry switched recently as well (adult film companies are who killed Beta as well).  Sony’s Blu-Ray support for their Playstation 3 also doesn’t help HD-DVDs cause either. 

So, we can very soon put HD-DVD right next to your pile of 8mm reels, BetaMax tapes, LaserDisks, minidisk, etc. 

So, why is this in my blog, why do I care?  Well, the reason PS3s are so expensive is the Blu-Ray player.  Once there is no longer a competing format, the prices will plummet down.  We shall see.

You know what?  FUCK that phone.  Fuck Apple, Steve Jobs, and that whole God forsaken company.  Why is it that Apple thinks EVERYTHING they create is revolutionary and innovative?  I had Diamond Multimedia’s MP3 player in ’97, 8 years before an iPod was released…yea, iPod is just an overhyped MP3 player.  Hell, you cant even put your own MP3s on it.  “Oh, iPod holds 10,000 songs.”  Yea, at .99c per song, who the hell has that kind of money?

You know why Apple started using Intel parts?  ‘Cause Mac’s suck and crashed like Princess Di!  You know my last Mac before my Intel MacPro (the G5) had to be watercooled because it ran so hot?  That’s not innovative, that’s poor engineering. 

They sure know how to market, but man, their product is overpriced and overhyped, and 9 times out of 10 don’t work as advertised.  Watch, the iPhone will sell like crack and have 1059 incarnations of the phone (a la Motorola RAZR) but will suck in functionality of being a goddamned phone. 

Wanna see some good phones, check out and the Eurpoean and Japan cell phones.  THOSE phones are innovative. 

June 28th at 6pm!!  Woo fucking hoo, Apple.