All posts for the month October, 2005

Well, last Saturday, the 29th, was my 1 year diagnosis. To celebrate, I havent taken my meds in about 2 weeks BWAA HAHAHAHA. Ok, so maybe I’ve just keep forgetting, but whatever. My legs are pissed off because of it so I think I should get back on schedule.

Finally getting my gate for my driveway and can let my dog out without supervision. Sweet. My deck is done too besides the rails, but that probably won’t get done till spring.

Wednesday I will be in the hopital for a GI scope. MAYBE I can finally figure out what is wrong. We shall see.

Ok, so yea, got a dog. So far, ate 3 of Robbi’s shoes and destroyed my couch which I had to buy another one, which is nice, but $2000 I didnt want to spend. It now lives in a cage unless I’m home, which it was trained to do in school, but whatever.

I called my doctor yesterday to get an update on if he got my biliary scan results and all he said was, “Yea, you need to come in so we can review the test and decide where to go next.”

The original plan was if the test was fine I wouldn’t come in and he would just schedule another test. The fact that he wants me in tells me he found something, but from the tone of voice doesnt sound good.

We will see.

My deck is making lots of progress.

My birthday is Wednesday (26)

Got a new dog.

I love my wife.

Getting close to finding out what wrong with my stomach.

A batter Monday than most. Except tonight is med night, boo.

I had my nuclear biliary scan today on my gall bladder. Well, basically they injected me with an enzyme that triggers injestion. INSTANTLY my stomach pain came to.

May not be gall bladder itself, but definately something wrong with my digestive system.