All posts for the month May, 2005

Damn, didn’t realize I haven’t posted in a long time. Anyway, I had my hurnia surgery on the 12th. I’d rather deal with MS. Ok, maybe not that extreme, but it sucks in terms of recovery. 4″ incision with 9 staples. THEN I get a chest congestion from my daughter 2 days later. I’m still coughing, and no doctor will give me anything for it. Imagine trying to cough with that pain. Not fun. I’ll tell you what though, my wife has been SOOO helpful, never complained when I needed something, I’m so glad I have her, she is the best.

On a brighter note, we closed on our new house the 20th and have the keys. Hurray! Now all I can think about is “Will we have enough money…when can we have another kid, etc” We have to take care of a few things for the city before we officially move in, but 1/2 is already taken care of. Just a matter of time before we get settled in there. Very exciting.

Lastly, has anyone seen the movie Mullholland Dr.? I love puzzling movies, but there is SOOO much that doesnt make sence, ie the mafia cappicino guys, silenceo, and the bum. I’d love to start a discussion on this if anyone has seen it.

Also, to the guy who reads my diary, Tim, and his wife, hang in there! I’m glad I can be a source of inspiration. I’m just a 25 yr old kid who want to live his life like he always has. As always email me if you have anything to discuss.

Oh, and GO PISTONS!!!!!!

Wow, I havent updated in a while. Anyway, the last month went like this…

We got the second house we put the bid on, we close on that next week. Very exciting, but I think it will hurt my wallet. It’ll be nice to have a grass to mow, and a place I can say is my house.

I can’t physically help move though…

Remember a few posts ago where I said I have a suspected hernia? Well, bingo it was. Has surgery for that today. I’m a bit uncomfortable while typing sitting here but I’m better than I thought I would be.

I’m trying to get rid of my car to get something newer and cheaper, but I owe $16k and car is maybe wirth $12k, so might have trouble.

As for my MS walk last month, I’ve raised $740 for that…I’ll post the “Team Picture when I can”

Very very busy lately but I’m making due.

“Brookelynn” my World of Warcraft character is level 50 whoo hoo. Who cares, right?