All posts for the month December, 2005

Ok, CVS/Pharmacy is pissing me off beyond belief.

They never get it on time, they always tell me “I haven’t been there in months” and lose my script. They will not deal with my scripts anymore.

I am going to try out a new service provided by Biogen/Idec that is a mail order system.

They finally called me after getting my RX insurance info and getting ahold of my doctor about the script. They are giving me one month of shots, a sharps container, and thinner needles. Plus, they didnt ask for $ up front so that is a multiple bonus too.

I like them already.

My Nexuim is also helping my stomach alot, that should be fixed in another month or so, but the heartburn amplifies with the pepsid and nexium, but I’d rather have that than the stomach thing.

Happy Hollidays to all!