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I need as many opinions on this as I can get from alll of you who have multiple suckmyasys…

If you are in heat for extended periods of time, the next day does your stomach get icky and feel like you will chuck at any moment? This happened to me last week after I had a triple header softball game, as well as yesterday, a day after I moved dirt in my house for 9.5 hours.

Am I getting too much sun or is something else?

It didnt help yesterday that I was sick, for my dads birthday present which was my whole immediate family (brothers and sister, mom and dad) go to a Tiger baseball game. I spend half of the game in a grill/bar area where it wasnt as hot, but I lost enough energy not to be able to go to dinner with them after.

As you all know, we just got a new house. Turns out, an elder woman a few houses down has MS, but is not as fortunate as some of us on the progression of it. There is also another neighbor who says he has been diagnosed but will not get it treated (I don’t understand these people, but to each his own). I guess he is against meds, and feels “Mary Jane” is the only one to help. 400,000 cases in the United States and 3 (including me) are within 5 houses of eachother. Wierd.

Ok, so ever since our move, I’ve been bugging Robbi to get more dressers for the room (we have one). She’d rather have new couches (we have 3). GardnerWhite has a All-Star sale (in lieu to the all star game yesterday in Detroit). We decided to get the bedroom set, upgrading bed from the current double to the ever-so-comfortable queen.
pics located here
We got some killer deals, and all in all picked up an $80 new bill per month.
Well, turns out, since Skylar is wearing underwear alot now and not so many accidents, daycare is dropping about $60 per week!!

moral of the story is spend money to make money…or just become really keen on timing.

I was talking to my Dad the other day and he told me he knew this chairopractor who said alot of people who come in this office with MS doesn’t really have it. It’s their jaw that is out of wack. When your jaw is out of wack, you appear to have 100$ signs of ms…the legions, the symptoms, etc. Realign their jaw and it all goes away. Very interesting considering I got hit in the temple the day before by my daighter with a phone. I guess its worth looking into right?

Also, I just moved into my new house as you know and an elder woman a few houses down I found out has MS. I havent met her yet but what are the odds of that. Anyway, hope ya’ll had a good 4th.My wife updated my daughters picture site so if anyone cares, go there

The holliday weekend is approaching, and I couldn’t be happier. I really need some relaxation time, even though I know I’m just going to be doing stuff around the house.

Interesting thing happened to me yesterday…I got a call from Playstation (I am in their “advisory” panel to betatest games and such). Well, they want me to work under the Playstation tent at the Vans/Warped Tour. 9-3, $20/hr. All I have to do is show off a Playstation Portable and let people play it. I wish this was my everyday job, how easy is that.

Well, thats it for now I guess. Have a good 4th, and be safe.