All posts for the month April, 2005

Does anyone with this stupid disease ever feel like not taking medicine anymore, not going to the doctor anymore, let the disease consume me and take it as God wished?

I’m tired of it. This among other things, like work, money, houses, etc. I’m physically and mentally exhausted. I need a day off, and not a day off getting blood work or checkups. Just a day to me to ease myself.

On a brighter note, my MS Walk is April 17th. My cousin is working as an intern with my uncles broking company which deals with celebs and athletes. He is getting some of the sports agents to get memorabilia together for silent auctions at the walk, example Barry Sanders. The walk, in which, I have so far raised $400+ for my pledges. Seems small in the grand scheme of things but I’m proud of it.

Any bit of help to cure this disease, even if its not in my lifetime. Cause I’m fed up with it, as you all probably are as well who have this thing.

So we were one of 3 offers for that house. He “like ours the best” and offered it to us if we raised our price 3000. Well, that was $500 more than his asking price, so I said no.

He took another offer.

Greedy bastard.

No no, 812 Denice. Its a house we just put an offer into last night. This house is friggin awesome. 3br, 1.5 bath, fully finished basement, brand new kitchen with skylight, pergo flooring, REMOTE ceiling fan!!!

here is the front




Now this pic is decieving because thats a mirror behind the bar, it faces a wall.

Anyway, this house is pimp, we find out today or tomorrow if he bites on the offer.

Man have I been busy as of late. We are back into the home search again, and may have found one we could put an offer in. Contrary to what my wife thinks it is UGLY AS SIN on the outside. She thinks its not that bad. No, its wicked ugly. On the inside, however, 3 bedroom, 2 more in basement, finished basement with a VERY nice bar, full back with jaccuzzi tub, pool, 2 car garage, blah bliggidy. All these updates look like they have been done themselves, so everything is half assed and no so finished. The basement bathroom, as example, has a NEST of wiring in the ceiling (which there is no ceiling) that I think can’t possible pass inspection. The tub has not been cauked into place, and the sink is non existent. The rest of the house is very livable, but it gives me something to do in the basement I guess. We will see how that all goes.

Robbi just went up north this weekend to visit her sister’s dorm and her aunt who was in a bad snowmobile accident recently (lets just say 20 foot fall and leave it at that). She left Sat morning early, and I had Sky all to my self. We had fun just us. We colored, and watched movies (or moobies as she says), and played pretend kitchen and she cooked me muffins and whatever. With Robbi gone, though, I realized 2 things…

1) Whenever I am “frisky” and she says, “No, I’m too tired.”, I will never again second guess that.


2) Robbi was gone for 2 days, and I missed her more than life itself. My heart would seriously stop without her.

Well that’s it for now, I haven’t been to a surgeon yet, cause I have to finish up bowling season and I’m going to be playing in a softball league this summer, and to be honest, I can’t afford short term disability right now. Yea yea, it will only get worse….
consider the patient.

And alleviating your fears on Avonex, Becca, I make it out to be worse than it is. I’d recommend Avonex 10 to 0 anyday of the week. While on the subject, I was supposed to take it Thursday, and my pharmacy hasn’t been able to get it in for 2 days as of now. No pharmacy in the area has it. I called my doc and said skipping a week is ok. BUT I WAS FEELING GREAT ON A DAY TO DAY before this, and this will throw me off.

Ohh well, we will see. Welcome home, Robbi, I love you.