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One of the hardest things you can do as a human, is to give good advise objectively without any benefit to your own feelings.  Let me site an example…

Let’s say you are madly in love with someone, yet she is in love with someone else.  When she comes to you as a friend, you have to curb all those feelings and try and explain why she is in a good situation with someone who appears wants to be a part of her life, and why she should explore the feeling she has with him.

It’s so hard, knowing and thinking that he probably is no where as good for her as I am in my belief.  That’s me wanting to believe that I’m am better and she should choose me!  That said, he is doing everything right, so he is doing good for her, and in that aspect, he is better for her because she likes him and is doing good in the words and choices he is making for THEM.  

Maybe this is the definition of what a good friend is.  Someone who can put aside all emotion and feeling, and truly give positive feedback and opinion on what you believe is right for that friend.  I’m such a small, insignificant part of her life right now, that it gives me at least that little joy to be able to give her something…anything…without any thought of how it may or may not effect me. 

It makes me feel…well…good and give me that little spec of significance.  “You always will be put first, no matter what, and regardless of how that opinion goes against what I want. 

Maybe this is what love really is.  It’s nice to be able to feel that way, and to give what I can, because her happiness becomes my happiness.  I’ll hang on to that and keep up with that idea as long as I humanly can or until she tell me to stop.