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I had an MRI on my neck last week, and my doctor left a message on my machine at home about how these results turned out better than my MRI a couple years ago. So I suppose thats good news, or at least tells me that my meds are working.

Tonight, I’m going to attend a webcast through MS Active Source about progression, how to detect and how to slow. Should be interesting.

If you haven’t checked out that site, do so because they archive the webcasts they perform once a month.

Apparently, google has some backup of blogger, even though I host it. I saved a small setting on my blogger archive to try and trigger a publish, and sure enough, everything seems back to norm. /whew

Lets just say my server that was holding this diary crashed. Thats the short story. This diary I believe is still working but I’ve lost all my archives.


So, for the last 2 months, I have had an issue with my right hand in terms of numbness. Sometime my entire arm will feel freezing, sometimes just like my figers are asleep. Well, went in today for my 3-4 month checkup, and let me doctor know what was going on, along with the feet numbness that came and went. He asked me how it was affecting me. I told him in terms of daily funtion, no effect. Annoyance? 100%

He proceeded to tell me that he knows me as a patient enough to know if I tell him something is annoying, he knows it really is annoying. I’m not the type that calls him everytime something goes numb or whatever. He gave me an option; 1- Take SoluMederol drip and prednisone to aleviate it. I took option #2, let it go and save my ‘roids for when I REALLY need it. He agreed.

“So, Doc, when will this go away?”
“Well, it may not.”

Not the answer I was hoping to hear. This all is a mild relapse. Another comment I didn’t want to hear.

I need to take another MRI next week to see how the progression (or remission) is comming.

Being in that office today really made me realize how differnt my life is from your “normal” person. Kind of depressing that I may never have my life back to where it was. Plus I have to pay lots of $$$ for this “life of luxury”. I never signed up for this.