All posts for the month September, 2008

So, in a few weeks, I turn 29.  It doesn’t seem that old until you see athletes and celebrities younger than your youngest brother (21).  After a while it starts to get creepy.  So be it.  Around this time of year, I’m asked what I want as a gift.  Year after year, I answer with the same…nothing.  I’m not really into birthdays anymore.  I’d probably forget about it if I wasn’t reminded.  Having a birthday on the “real” Columbus Day (not the Monday its celebrated on) makes it somewhat easy to remind myself, but I think I’ll take that Monday off this year to be with my wife for the morning and go to breakfast or something.


So what do I want?  Season 1 and 2 of Heroes, some Good Eats DVDs, new tires, 2 million dollars, a trip to Egypt, a Nissan GT-R.  Will I get any of these?  Nah, probably not, but you asked.  I tell you what, one think I would love is an all-day pass to a day spa for my wife.  Save it for after the baby, and let her just go unwind.  That would make me happy.