All posts for the month May, 2008


Business has been up, but cashflow is down.  I haven’t been able to take much pay and it really hurts when you live check to check.  Robbi tries so hard to be supportive and I love her for it, but I know it’s killing her more than she leads on. 

Talking to Robbi today made me realize something.  I have a sanctuary to get away from money, business, and all stress in general.  World of Warcraft.  It allows me to go into a place where none of that stuff matters.  As fekked as that sounds, it helps.  Sports does this for me too, like bowling and softball, but that’s only a couple hours a week.

“Insert Geek Jokes Now”

If I made as much money as I did gold in WoW, I’d be able to give the nice things she deserves, like spa treatments, flowers, dinners, etc.  Unfortunately WoW is not real, and when I log off, I go back to my life and deal with these realities.  Briefly, though, a couple hours a night, it all goes away.