All posts for the month November, 2005

Reading one of Erik’s posts reminded me to post about the horrible leg fatigue I have been having. Only if I lay or sit down does it seem to worsen, otherwise I seem fine.

Point A – Quit smoking
Point B – Begin working out again

Solution to fatigue – If my legs want to be tired, I’ll fekin give them something to be tired about!

Ok, my wife and I decided to quit smoking (yay). I have not bought a pack in over 2 weeks, but I do have one or 2 everyday. That soon will quit too. Wish me luck with that.

Monday I go in to get my result from my stomach biopsy, then I wont have to see that dumb ass GI again (moron)

Thats about it for now, just been really busy with work and finding extra money to pay bills 😛

Oh and my hernia is still hurting.

first off, my GI doctor is the BIGGEST tool sum’bitch on the face of the planet. I can’t wait to not see him anymore.

Anywho, what I have is esophogitis. He took a sample for a biopsy to see what is causing it. Typically its acid backup in stomach and esophagus cause from pills or stress or other things.

Guess we’ll see.

I need to start writing poems and songs again to release some of this stress.